Compliance Resources

Comprehensive "IDS Resources" Website

IDS has a full resources website available to IDS customers when they login to their idsDoc software via the “Resources” navigation tab. The resources site is run by IDS Compliance and includes a compliance blog of industry and company-related compliance information that is updated weekly. There are also pages of compliance resource documents available, such as IDS’s State Disclosure Matrix, State Late Fee Matrix, and State Rate Lock Matrix, to name a few.

The IDS Resources website also includes a variety of other resources, such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Frequently Used Documents, LOS Integration Examples, and a number of sample package examples.

The IDS Resources website is an evolving entity that will continue to grow as more resources are developed and added. With that being said, check the site frequently for the latest news and resources.

Have a request for a resource that you think would be helpful? E-mail with a description of the resource you're looking to use.

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