Compliance Team

Keeping You Compliant

IDS has an entire in-house compliance team for the purpose of managing and implementing the new laws and regulations into idsDoc. Our knowledgeable staff stays up to date on the latest mortgage doc changes to provide full-service document compliance; from idsDoc audits and compliance tools to compliance updates and resources.

Rulon Doman, Head of Compliance

Compliance head Rulon Doman has worked for IDS since 1997. Rulon’s historic company knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry contributes to his strength as a compliance officer. Rulon is widely known as a major contributor in the compliance realm of the mortgage industry; some might even call him the "compliance guru." Rulon currently oversees team projects and members, writes system audits, and implements major system compliance projects.

Clint Salisbury, IDS In-house Counsel

IDS In-house Counsel Clint Salisbury has been with IDS since 2008 and has played an integral role in the compliance of IDS as a company. Clint performs several tasks, including: writing contracts, writing company policies and procedures, heading-up company security and data management, assisting vendor management and providing some HELOC support.

Tiffany Anderson, Compliance Officer

Tiffany Anderson has worn many hats since she began working for IDS in 2006. Having worked as a customer service representative, client set-up organizer, software and document coder and customer service department lead, Tiffany’s company-specific experience lends to cohesive IDS compliance coverage. Tiffany currently focuses on assisting customers with compliance questions, implementing new laws, investor relations, and investor specific documents.

Alicelyn Jaques, Compliance Officer

Employed with IDS since 1993, Alicelyn Jaques has been with IDS longer than any other current staff member. She has worked in almost every position available, including: customer service, billing and accounting, management, human resources, and compliance. Alicelyn brings much to the table with her IDS knowledge, especially when it comes to compliance. Alicelyn currently focuses on state housing required documents and updating state standardized form changes.

Jon Johnson, Compliance Officer

Jon Johnson began working for IDS in 2013, soon after acquiring his law degree from Arizona Summit Law School. Jon currently focuses on assisting clients with compliance questions, researching and implementing new laws, creating state and federal compliance matrices, writing company compliance updates, and assisting in-house counsel as needed. Jon also spearheaded IDS’s first compliance webinar and is the author of IDS’s exclusive compliance blog that contains additional compliance resources.

Paul Morton, Compliance Officer and Assistant In-house Counsel

Paul Morton began working for IDS in 2014. He was hired to work for IDS Compliance upon graduating Arizona Summit Law School. As a licensed attorney in both Utah and Arizona, along with his background in law, Paul was brought on to help implement the Know Before You Owe combined RESPA-TILA disclosures. Paul currently focuses on assisting in-house counsel with contracts, policies and procedures, and audits; assisting customers with compliance questions, researching and implementing new laws, and updating state and federal compliance matrices.

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