Compliance Updates

July: Weekly Compliance Updates

IDS TRID Implementation: Changed Release Date for Cash To Close Table

July 17, 2015

IDS is adding a user interface to its idsDoc System for the Cash To Close table found on the LE/CD. This particular table has a lot of very complicated calculated fields. IDS has changed the release date from Friday, July 17, 2015, to Wednesday, July 22, 2015. The purpose of the delay to complete additional testing of the new calculations related to Cash To Close table. This particular release includes several other TRID-related updates, e.g., new fields to help define LE/CD product types and coverage as well as LOS partner integrations.

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IDS TRID Implementation: Standard Docs That Will Change

July 10, 2015

IDS Compliance has compiled a small list of standard docs affected by the TRID rule implementation. On the implementation date of TRID, these standard docs will be changed, as follows:

Standard docs that are going away:

  • GFE
  • Acknowledgement of Receipt of the GFE
  • HUD-1 and HUD1A, including all addenda.
  • FHA Addendum to HUD has been updated to “Settlement Certification”
  • Itemization of amount financed.
  • TIL
  • TIL Question and Answer
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IDS TRID Implementation: IDS version of TRID MISMO 2.x Complete, MISMO 3.3 Almost Complete

July 3, 2015

IDS did a release this past week that completed the integration from the idsDoc System side for clients and LOS systems following the IDS promulgated version of MISMO 2.x for TRID. Byte is one LOS System that has chosen to follow IDS’s version of MISMO 2.x.

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