LOS Interfaces


This is a versatile Data Transfer tool that is used to integrate with a number of LOS partners, including DataTrac, E3, ProLender and more.

The idsDTPush interface allows you to transfer 100% of your Loan Origination System (LOS) data, including custom fields. It takes you from an LOS loan file to a complete document package in seconds. The idsDTPush can be used for generating your Initial Disclosures, Closing Documents, redraws, or partial package orders.

The technology behind idsDTPush allows you to generate your documents without ever opening the idsDoc system. Users can create and edit their loan files in the originating platform where they feel comfortable, and still run all of the functions that exist in the idsDoc system, including audits, document package modifying features, and document delivery options. That is why the idsDTPush has received such favorable reviews over the years.