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Setup for idsDoc is way difficult. A member of our first rate service team is dedicated to assisting you through the whole process. IDS specializes in client customizations, but don’t be concerned about going through a cumbersome setup process; you will have all your customizations and company settings completed right away so you can start ordering fast.

After a demonstration of the idsDoc software, including a run-through using your LOS interface, you will fill out a client setup questionnaire. The IDS service team will immediately create your account, made-to-order to your specifications. Many companies are ready to order standard closing documents within an hour.

Getting truly customized is an ongoing process. We find that after a little while most clients start to get a feel for the versatility of idsDoc and want to maximize it. You will work with the same great service personnel to continuously perfect and streamline your process. Setup and customizations are completely free.

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