Solitude Solution

IDS's Complete eClose tool

Solitude Solution is the complete suite of eClosing services provided through idsDoc. Utilizing eSign, eNote, eVault, and RON, mortgage lenders are empowered to offer borrowers a streamlined digital mortgage experience, complete with compliant mortgage documents. Request a Demo of Solitude Solution now.


IDS’s proprietary eSign platform has served its clients for 12+ years. Built into idsDoc, this tried and proven technology is the backbone of the borrower’s eClose experience and ensures accurate signatures. Borrowers take the time to preview their documents from the comfort of their own home, at their convenience. On the closing date, the pre-tagged closing documents automatically activate for eSign, and the borrower is notified. The eSign process can easily be completed prior to the borrower’s in-person or remote closing appointment, simplifying the time spent at the closing table.


MISMO standardized specifications have led IDS to create a Fannie and Freddie approved SMART Doc eNote. eNotes not only reduce costs of printing, shipping, scanning, and faxing but also quicken warehouse turn times, maximize production without increasing warehouse lines, improve delivery times to investors, and increase liquidity for investors.


IDS’s proprietary and completely integrated eVault stores eNotes to facilitate deliveries and transfers of authoritative copies. After the borrower eSigns the eNote, the lender can import the eNote to the eVault with one click. IDS’s eVault is built to be secure and is integrated with MERS so that all transactions are recorded in the eRegistry.

Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Have you ever had two borrowers on a loan located in different states or even different countries? You can eliminate the need for a power of attorney. Not only that, but more and more borrowers want to go remote to forgo the traffic and time off work. IDS’s system supports partnered RON services to facilitate conveniences and save time with notaries already familiar with eSigning the IDS eNote.

In-person Electronic Notarization (IPEN)

Maintain the familiarity of a traditional closing with the added benefits of a full electronic transaction.