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Encomia Moves to IDS, Inc.

eClosing Services Via Encomia

IDS is a leading competitor in the development and adoption of the eMortgage. IDS acquired eMortgage vendor Encomia in September of 2016, taking the steps towards becoming an eMortgage facilitator in the industry. Encomia has been an established provider of the electronic mortgage solutions to depository and non-depository lending institutions. Large lending institutions have successfully closed loans electronically through Encomia.

IDS is integrating and developing this eClosing platform into idsDoc, preparing it to be functional for IDS clients. With Encomia’s eClosing platform, IDS now has an eVault and eRegistry for eClosings, supporting the development of a complete eMortgage solution. IDS’s eVault will be accessible to software users, as well as to industry investors.

Press Release

IDS Aquires eMortgage Vendor Encomia


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